The Eye of Five and Why a Five Point Star Sits Over Institutions, Governments, and the Law

It appears everywhere even over the roof of the Kremlin. It is on the amateur of generals globally and on the acknowledged arrangement of a lot of countries. The accomplished accepted wears 5 stars and for acceptable reason, it actually places him according the age-old Mother God of Babylon. The five-point brilliant is her attribute and it sits on the flags and over the mosques of Islam for that reason. It is cradled in the bow-shaped of the moon because it is the badge of the sun.

My analysis took me to the roots of the age-old languages and adoration to authorize its role in avant-garde association and the affirmation is shocking. Linguistically ‘five’ equates to ‘live’ and ‘life’. It implies the protector of activity and that is what the sun is in its basal purpose.

‘Five’ translates as ‘living eye of life’ and to bigger accept it one should apperceive that the age-old symbols acclimated to accurate this became belletrist in avant-garde alphabets. [O] stands for ‘circle’ and [r] for ability while [s] is an symbols for ‘light’ and ‘spirit’. ‘Ma’ is ‘mother’ in every accent and ‘ma-r-y’ agency ‘mother’s able eye’ and this was the name accustomed to the sun-star in Babylon.

The closing was embodied in the bronze of a woman cutting the sun on her head. This is accepted by several names such as ‘Isis’ in Egypt and ‘Ishtar’ in Assyria. The letter [h] was added by the Greeks to the agent ‘I-star’ from which came the appellation ‘Easter’.

Men died on crosses to ‘marry’ Mary and acceleration to heaven via the [or-s] or ‘sun-light’. ‘Ors’ gave acceleration to ‘horse’ for the beastly men after rode. Judges, kings, and others still abrasion horse hair wigs to administrate the law and to allege on ‘her’ behalf.

As the sun was the arch law-maker and focus of adoration her symbol, the five-point star, was adopted by authorities to authenticate the antecedent of their power. When one kills in the name of the sun again they are absolved from blame. Armies annihilate and are absolved because of the attributes of their authority.

The aforementioned applies to badge forces, governments, and associates of the acknowledged profession who may adjustment the afterlife of someone.

The enactment is, therefore, based on sun-worship and the behaviour and apologue acclimated as its antecedent of ability proves it. It is absolutely time the apple looked at what it is that is admirable and prayed to by the majority and why the Apple Adjustment is collapsing.